TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Analytics

Our Basic Package includes:

  • 1 Analyst
  • 4 Business Authors
  • 12 Consumers


Analytics Software as a Service

Actionable Intelligence Anytime

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Analytics is a cloud analytics software-as-a-service platform designed for data visualization and discovery. With it, you can centralize your data analytics for access using any platform to put a polish on your analysis.  Everything you need is available on the cloud — no installation, just analytics.

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TIBCO Recommended Packages

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Standard

For small teams or pilots of TIBCO Spotfire Analytics


1 Spotfire Analyst

1 Spotfire Business Author

3 Spotfire Consumers


For small teams or departments


2 Spotfire Analysts

2 Spotfire Business Authors

8 Spotfire Consumers


For typical departments


2 Spotfire Analysts

4 Spotfire Business Authors

20 Spotfire Consumers


Add Additional Users by Type

  • Analyst
  • Business Author
  • Consumer

Author, edit, view, and share Spotfire® analysis files

Sold out

Edit, view, and share Spotfire® analysis files

Sold out

Filter data, mark subsets, change parameters, and export the results.

There are no editing capabilities with Spotfire Consumer. Each subscription must include one Analyst or one Business Author seat.

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Customize Your Solution with Additional Services

  • Customer Health
  • TIBCO Cloud Integration-
    Scribe® Online
  • TIBCO® Data Science- 
    Statistica™ Advanced Analytics

Visualize Customer Account Health

Full front office to back office and marketing automation integration

Execute ad-hoc predictive analytics models with no code

Sold out


No Installation Required

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire is an out of the box solution with everything you need to begin analyzing your data immediately. Build your Spotfire team—Analyst, Business Author, or Consumer—and share your analysis instantly around the globe.

Connect & Visualize More Data

Mashup and generate insights from more data: files, relational and NoSQL databases, OLAP, Hadoop, web services, cloud apps. Power users can still choose to install the Spotfire desktop client to connect to 30+ data sources and build predictive models and forecasts using the 600+ CRAN packages available through the new TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) capability for the cloud, TERR-as-a-Service.

Analyze the Way You Want

The multi-modal interface uniquely lets you choose how you want to interact with data. Whether through natural language query search, AI-powered recommendations to guide you, or direct manipulation, you choose the UI method that’s right for you.

TIBCO Cloud™ Storage

Build your TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Library with up to 250 GB of additional storage. Connect to your Spotfire library worldwide.

AI-driven Recommendations

A scalable and robust artificial intelligence engine identifies relationships in data and instantly recommends visualizations for lightning-fast insights. Discover trends, outliers, and patterns in any data without the need to know its structure!

Use Accelerators & Templates


Enhanced Data Visualization

Spotfire visualizations are easy to understand and share with any user. Choose from various templates from the Spotfire Library to present your data or create your own visualizations with the intuitive interface, allowing each user to have a tailored toolbox for their role needs. Create, edit, or view data analysis files.

Access Data from Multiple Systems

Business insights at your fingertips. Connect stored data files and over 30 data sources including relational and NoSQL databases, OLAP, Hadoop, and web services such as Google Analytics and Salesforce.com.

Actionable Insights

Using the TIBCO Cloud, access data anywhere in the world to take action anytime, day or night. The user interface provides all users with actionable insights from the data presented.

Customize Your Solution

Scale your Spotfire solution as your business grows. With the ability to add seats at anytime, optimize your business faster and simpler than ever before. TIBCO’s Cloud Operations team can power individuals, small teams, and large enterprises instantly while your team administrators control users and their roles.

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