Counterparty Credit Risk Management

Anticipate exposure, respond fast, mitigate losses

Robust counterparty credit risk (CCR) management has never been so important. The objective is to provide the most relevant information so your executive teams can make better, faster decisions. Enhanced analytics and predictive capabilities are vital components, and with the right analytics tool, you can anticipate potential exposures and mitigate losses.

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Analyze historical CCR data

Lack of historical data analysis can limit your ability to effectively identify and assess trends. Historical data can provide insights into period-to-period portfolio changes, so you can identify typical changes versus uncharacteristic movements.

Accelerate reporting as needed

In normal times, you may need to provide reports on a weekly or monthly basis, but these aren’t normal times. Depending on the metrics being tracked, the frequency may need to be daily or even hourly, especially when the reports are being used to assist in data investigations.

Build confidence in your decision-making

Identify portfolio segments that require investigation and protect against portfolio deterioration using active monitoring and mitigation strategies.

Quickly capture deeper insights

Monitor overexposure by determining limits based for specific dimensions such as industry, geography, product type, and risk rating. Make sure this analysis is done quickly and routinely, so you can take advantage of new information like credit data and new correlations.


Visual Drill Downs

With just a click, visual drill-downs move from a summary view of data to more granular detail. Outliers or anomalies can be easily spotted and investigated. Unusual transactions indicate issues.

Supercharged Reporting

Easily create interactive dashboards and reports that help you generate valuable insights. Quickly produce many types of reports, such as benchmarks comparing current data to the same data collected at various historical points.

Smart Analytics

An innovative AI-driven recommendation engine, and a full-featured data discovery toolset, allow you to dramatically reduce time to insight. Take isolated financial data sets, aggregate, slice and dice, and analyze them to generate valuable new insights.

Early Warning

Take advantage of algorithmic decision-making by fusing visual and predictive analytics. Changes can be anticipated, quantified, and explained through CCR reporting outputs. Real-time data can help identify and monitor factors that tend to cause exceptions.

What-If Analyses

It is insufficient to just collect data from a bunch of sources and react. Capture and consolidate elements of risk from all sources and convert them to insights. Facilitate comprehensive what-if analyses to assess impacts in stressed market conditions.

Proactively Manage Risk

Calculate counterparty exposure using numerous parameters, measurements, and reports that help you assess the probability of defaults and calculate recovery rates.

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