HubSpot Integration with TIBCO® Cloud Integration

Automate Lead Generation with HubSpot and TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration software makes it easy to share your HubSpot data across all your systems

Are manual lead-entry errors costing you time and money?

Is your sales team armed with the key prospect information they need to be effective?

Is your marketing team struggling to target the right audience for your products and services?

Can you effectively track your marketing spend and return on investment?

Integrating HubSpot marketing automation with your CRM — such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Netsuite — with other business systems and data sources helps your sales and marketing teams work better together.

Move your HubSpot data to Microsoft 365 today!

TIBCO Cloud Integration software is easy to use and affordable. Use it to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) platform with HubSpot in minutes. Our pre-built HubSpot connectors make set up easy, no coding required! TIBCO Cloud Integration software makes marketing automation with HubSpot simple.

  • Automate lead generation.
  • Use our pre-built HubSpot connector to easily integrate with any CRM, ERP, database, e-commerce system, and more.
  • Drag-and-drop design elements to set up integration in minutes without coding.
  • Eliminate risk of data entry errors.
  • Capitalize on lead opportunities.
  • Take advantage of low-cost, highly affordable subscription plans.
  • Tie HubSpot marketing campaigns and leads to opportunities in your CRM.
  • Increase usability to drive effective sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Track marketing return on investment.
  • Pull valuable customer info into HubSpot.
  • Personalize campaigns to the audience.
  • Target prospects and achieve higher conversion rates.

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