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Salesforce is an incredibly valuable tool—but to capture its full value, you need to be able to share its data among other apps and systems—your marketing automation and ERP systems, for example. It’s essential that you’re able to easily and quickly integrate Salesforce data with your other internal systems, and without IT assistance. And now there’s a way.

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Integration Simplified

The TIBCO Cloud™ Integration platform was created to allow non-IT users to quickly and simply connect applications. From business analysts to finance admins, project managers to marketing managers, now everyone can connect apps and move data in minutes. Absolutely no code or developers needed! Easily automate common business operations by integrating Salesforce with other applications.

Time Saved

Save time by automating data entry, updating records, and correcting data across your systems. You can do all this quickly with no advanced development or coding. The TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is robust, scalable, and makes it easy to connect to any system.


Lead automation

Automate prospect-to-lead conversion by integrating a marketing application like HubSpot or Marketo with the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Sales Order Integration

Automate sales order processing between Salesforce Sales Cloud and an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite.

Enrich Marketing Campaigns

Integrate the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with another CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Sugar CRM.

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TIBCO Cloud Integration provides for Basic Connect (Scribe) functionality for Integration and Replication.

With the right data and the right insights, you can respond rapidly to emerging developments and changing trends, create a digital nervous system across your organization, and alert office staff to in-field engineers to maintenance personal and beyond, so production never slips.



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