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An interactive Spotfire demo

TIBCO Spotfire software includes business intelligence, predictive analytics, and much more. The interactive dashboard explained here demonstrates how easy it is, with the help of text analytics and AI, to generate key insights from unstructured data.

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Learn, Investigate, Extract

Though it could be applied to any vertical, in this demo, Spotfire natural language processing (text analytics) is helping users extract data on wine flavors and tannins. Then, in this use case, the extracted data is used to visualize grape supply and demand.

Discover and Spark Valuable Insights

See how unstructured data can be used to generate insights into marketing and merchandising. Additionally, you can see the actionable insights at the end of the financial value chain including for price and demand elasticity and for forecasting demand.

Forecast Demand

This Spotfire interactive demo shows how to mark demand trends and forecast demand by grape variety and regions. View the price variations by region for marked varieties of grapes to determine demand and cost.

Cost & Consumption: Financial Planning

Click through the final tab of the interactive demo to see how the actual consumption of wine varieties across regions contrasts with planned consumption. Compare actual costs to the expected costs of varieties in different regions. Use these insights to understand trends for intelligent business decisions and financial planning.


Price Elasticity Curves

Measure the elasticity of your prices against supply and demand.

Demand Forecasting

Project the demand of your products in the marketplace.

Financial Planning

Use valuable insights and analyses across your business.

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