Spotfire Turns Reviews into Actionable Insights

An interactive demo

This interactive dashboard demonstrates how easy it is to extract key insights from unstructured data using TIBCO Spotfire® analytics.

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Learn, Investigate, Extract

In this demo, Spotfire natural language processing (text analytics) allows users to extract data on wine flavors and tannins. These analytics could be applied to any vertical.

Discover and Spark Valuable Insights

The demo allows you to see how unstructured data can be used for key insights aiding in marketing and merchandising. Additionally, you can see the actionable insights at the end of the financial value chain including price elasticity, demand elasticity, and forecasting.


Price Elasticity Curves

Measure the elasticity of your prices against supply and demand.

Demand Forecasting

Project the demand of your products in the marketplace.

Financial Planning

Use valuable insights and analyses across your business.

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Decanting Wine Reviews into Insights with Spotfire
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